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finally found where there hiding

All summer long i had heard the bear 'somewhere' around the pond by my house, but to noavail couldnt seem to connect. during deer season this year i finally see my first (ever) set of fresh trks, momma and her babies had come thru after i had gone home--to dark-- and to top it all off, it was the day after season(bear) had ended :( . couple days after that i went through and see where they had rooted/torn up the ground looking for ...(whatever they were). Now next year/season i've got an even better 'starting place' to begin looking. Im excited, never shot, well for that matter never seen one in the wild. with that said i was a little startled to see how actually close to home they were, and very excited at same time-- . come on sept. Big smile (not really, but you understand).

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finally found where there hiding

I hear you on that!
I didn't see a thing all season deer or bear. One of the guys I hunt with saw a bear sleeping under a fallen tree 10 yds from his deer stand watched it for about 45 min then it ran off.

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