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Finally did it!
I'd been thinking about buying a nice double rifle for some time now. I even had one picked out to get last year, about this time, when I decided to use that chunk of change on an Idaho spring bear hunt. This time around I knew my only choice would be to sell some other rifles to be able to afford a rifle like I wanted to get.
I put some rifles up for sale and started looking in earnest for a nice double rifle. I'd found two different makes last year that I could afford, one in both 45-70 & 9.3x74R (Sabatti S/S) and another, a Verney-Carron O/U in 9.3x74R. I had just about decided on the O/U, when the hunt changed my plans. This time around I could only find Sabattis in both chamberings and had narrowed it down to one in 45-70.
I called the shop and it was indeed still available and before grabbing it I did one more search of double rifles. Well, up popped another Verney-Carron O/U in 9.3x74R and a call to that dealer showed it was available as well. I decided on the metric and then lucked into some reloading supplies for it from a fella that purchased one of the rifles I sold. This was a big help, since I had winced hard after looking at the prices for loaded ammo for the 9.3x74R. 
Well, the last rifle sold moved out just yesterday and the Verney-Carron moved in. It is what I've wanted for a very long time. 22" barrels with a OAL of under 40" and only a bit over 7 lbs. It came with integral bases and 30mm rings supplied as well. It has fiber optic express-type sights as well, but my eyes don't see them very well, as I expected. I've ordered a Leupold VX-R in 1.25-4 to mount in the supplied rings. The rifle has a color case receiver, top lever and trigger guard and a single trigger.
I already know it's a shooter as the supplied target with the regulated barrels show both barrels printing within less than 3/4" at 50 yards using the sights on the gun. I have no doubt that it will shoot even better with the scope. Sorry to be so long-winded, but I'm excited to finally have a rifle like this and it will accompany my .444S and my GG on this September's bear hunt in Maine. It will also likely get some time in the deer & hog woods as well, since it's a ballistic twin to the 9.3x62 I killed my Kentucky buck with last year.
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CONGRATS!! Thumbs up

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