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Got some elk meat in the freezer. Had a fantastic archery elk hunt other then not actually getting filling that tag. Hunted one week straight as well as every day off I had during the season. Saw numerous bulls from spikes, to rags, five pointers, and a few really nice six point bulls well over the 300 mark. Many cows as well. Called in many bulls but was unable to get that broadside shot I needed or the wind didn't co-operate and betrayed me as well. Still, a great Elk experience none the less.

After archery ended quickly switched gears and grabbed my trusty aught six with my 168gr Berger handloads and headed out on days off to hunt the Eastern Plains. Finally got it done this morning at 7:00 this morning. I got up on a bluff over looking some good country before daybreak snuggled up to a cedar and intermittently cow called once shooting light was upon me. Heard a noise behind me after about a half hour turned to look and had this rag horn galloping in at about ninety yards. I had to swivel around to shoot and he caught the movement and stopped at seventy yards facing straight on to me. Put the crosshairs on his chest and the Berger did its job and I had my elk down.

Not a biggie but the freezer now has some good tender elk meat in it. Going to concentrate on my Eastern plains archery deer tag now. Got a week off the week of Nov. 15th to chase the muley bucks and really looking forward to it. Good luck to all heading out this weekend!

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That should give you some

That should give you some nice eatting this winter.  Congradulations. 

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Very cool bud! I was

Very cool bud! I was wondering how come we hadnt heard much from you yet!! congrats on the bull cant wait to see if you cant get on that buck that gave you the slip last year!

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Awesome!  He looks absolutely

Awesome!  He looks absolutely delicious.

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Congrats!!  Bet that is very

Congrats!!  Bet that is very rewarding after all those archery close calls

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Way to go Shaun, those

Way to go Shaun, those antlers look pretty unique almost like caribou on the top. Give me a call when you can.

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Congrats!  He will be tasty!!


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Congrats on your bull. Looks

Congrats on your bull. Looks tasty.

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Great job can't wait leave a

Great job can't wait leave a week from tomorrow!  

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Very nice!  Congrats, good

Very nice!  Congrats, good eats!

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Congrats, that will be some good eating.


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