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Filled cow tag

Due to some excellent advice from Elkkill06 on where to hunt in unit 61, was able to fill my cow tag. My son and I both had cow tags. We hunted up top the 1st two days. It was hot and dry and saw lots of deer, but no elk. On Sunday afternoon I gave a couple hunters a ride back to their camp. They had shot a big bull down in the canyons, and had seen a lot of elk down there. Monday morning we went down into a canyon about a mile where we could pretty much see anything coming through. I set my son up where I figured he would get the shot, as I preferred him getting the elk. About 11:00 was about to try something else when two cows and a calf came through. My son was taking a leak and by the time he grabbed his rifle they were gone. I saw them, and figuring elk were scare dropped the rear cow at about 150 yards. 180 grain 308 behind right shoulder throughlungs and out left shoulder. Dropped immediately and never got up. We had a steep mile out so I boned out the elk and it took us several trips. It started raining as we were packing out which kept us cool but turned the trail into slick mud. When we got back to camp we were bushed, but satisfied with a successfull hunt. One elk is enough for us till next year so packed up and headed home Tuesday. Next up, buck deer 4th season unit 511.

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Congratulations on your hunt and good luck on your next!

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Congrats !!!!!!


Congrats on a successful hunt. Very glad you were able to connect. Thanks for sharing your story and hope to see some pics soon. Thumbs up

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Way to go, congratulations!

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Very cool!

I guess the old addage "what goes around, comes around" works both ways.  You helped the other hunters and they in-turn helped you!  Elkkill06 has more good karma coming his way!!!  Applause Kudos to all involved.  That's the way it should be!  Congratulations on your success!  Sounds like you had to put in some serious work in order to get all of that meat out.  I bet you'll savor every bite!

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Congrats on a successful

Congrats on a successful hunt!  Glad you got out with the son, and had a great time.  Nice job on helping the other hunters too!!! Thumbs up

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Nice job!

Nice job on the cow elk. That's got to be some real good eating.

 I am planning on my first trip out west next year, and was a little concerned (but not a lot) about only having a .308. You hear and read so much about the value of a real flat-shooting caliber these days. But as I read various posts and stories on this board. I'm now convinced that the .308 will do just fine. I'm really glad because I have shot many whitetails with this rifle since 1979 and have a lot of confidence in it.

 Sorry - didn't mean to hijack your thread.

Thanks for the good report. Thumbs up

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Sounds like the freezers full, good job.

Will your son be able to join you on the deer hunt in unit 511?

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Congrats on the cow.  Gotta

Congrats on the cow.  Gotta love a frezzer full of great meat!

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Congrats on the sucessfull

Congrats on the sucessfull cow hunt. sounds like you had a good time. good luck with your upcoming deer hunt. keep us posted and please post some pics.

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Congratulations on the

Congratulations on the successful hunt. I am glad that you were able to find the cows in there. Muddy pack outs are the best aren't they?:yes:  I love it when you take two steps forward and slide one step back! Sounds like it was a great shot too. That is always a great feeling. Good luck on your deer hunt. They aren't quite as hard to get back up to the road!

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