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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty: CTV
CTV.ca News Staff

The Conservative government plans to gut the gun registry by granting an amnesty to rifle and shotgun owners, CTV News had learned.

As a result, the registry would only apply to handguns and automatic weapons.

The government is also expected to waive a $60 fee that more than 1.5 million Canadians must pay this year to renew their firearms registrations.

The possible changes thrill hunting and sport-shooting enthusiasts, who have hated the gun registry since its inception.

"It's something we've been crying out for for 10 years," said Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

"The Firearms Act has been an expensive and intrusive sinkhole. It whisks away precious tax dollars from programs that really need them."

Created in 1995, the gun registry soared in costs for a host of reasons. A 2002 report by the auditor-general found it had cost the feds $1 billion.

The registry move is one part of a Conservative security plan. Others include:

Hiring 3,500 police officers across the country;
Mandatory sentences for gun crimes, and;
Strict monitoring of high-risk people who are prohibited from owning firearms.
Sources tell CTV the regulatory changes to the registry will be fast-tracked through cabinet to avoid a messy parliamentary debate. Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office reportedly want quick action on the file because it's a key campaign promise.

Liberals say Parliament and the police must be consulted.

"I think most of my colleagues in the House would regret if the cabinet decided to dispense with this major public policy change without going through Parliament in some way, at least for a debate," said Ontario Liberal MP Derek Lee.

The Canadian Chiefs of Police Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Police Officers both back retention of the long-gun registry. Police use the registry thousands of times ber day.

One reason is that long guns have been used in several police killings, including the murders of four Mounties in Mayerthorpe, Alta. in 2005.

"Our last six or seven police officers were killed with long guns," said Tony Cannavino of the Canadian Professional Police Association.

"That's very sad, so that's why we need those tools to make sure we keep Canada safe."

With a report from CTV's Rosemary Thompson

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

Great ! I din't watch the news this morning . Heard it here first
I have to renew my license this fall. maybe I can save a few bucks.

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

the news always forgets to mention that the guy that killed those mounties was known for all the gun he owned, and the fact none were registered wasn't gonna change anything. Crimianals will not register there guns for killing people period. But this is good news for me, hoping they really got the balls to go through with it. Guess if nothing else they underfund it till its gone. this whole thing was a huge pain in my side. I have never felt so violated as when they brought this stupid law in. I never had a problem with having to have a licence to own guns. That should be enough for the cops anyway. If they think someone has a gun, what difference will it make if they suspect being shot with a 7mm or 300mag. Knowing a person or home has a licence to own and purchase firearms should be sufficient. Ok sorry I tend to get going when on this subject. Great news and praying Stephen won't back down.

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

When something like that gets on the news, it tends to be totally distorted. If, hypothetically, a 7mm or 300 Magnum were used to commit a murder, it would be said on the news that rounds like this are basically sniper rounds that have infinite range and terrible maiming capacity. No one would bother stepping up to the plate and explaining that 7mm and 300 Magnums are long range big game cartridges that are designed for very tough animals like elk or moose.

The same goes for other rounds capable of being fired from long distances. Even a 243 will punch right through a kevlar vest, no question about it. Same with any other hunting cartridge with more energy than a 223. When this information gets on the news, they make it sound like they were made specifically to kill police officers and assassinate people.

The media distorts everything, and they aren't doing it to benefit or inform people, they are doing it for ratings.

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

Many canadians,I know several, who only registered their Favourite rifle/shotgun for fear that there would be a yearly registration fee. The others are stuffed in a closet somewhere.

I also beleive that the majority of firearms registered were by olders folks. There is no procedure in place to keep track of these weapons.
Example: A few years ago a friend passed away who had about nine firearms registered. They went to family membrs who I know didn't register the firearms. Too much paper work and expense. So once again there arenine unregistered firarms out there. And just think of how many times this has happened.
So in my humble opinion the FirearmRegistry is going backwards.

A couple of years ago, on CBC, the Chief of Police of Toronto said that 70 % of he firearms in Canada are now registered. A few minutes later he was asked"how many firearms are there in Canada". He did not know.

70 % of an unknown number...?????

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

Well you can't blame the police.."Cops will be cops". Hard core control freaks. It was just a few years ago that those two police agencies were pushing for a DNA registry. Any new born and anyone who is investigated by police..would have a DNA sample taken. Thank god someone panned that idea.

3500 police is nice, but i think they should make judges more accountable. So many times a criminal is brought in, then only to be set free by the courts. It's a revolving door that is a waste of time. If anything i think the fat cat judges of the canadian legal system need a good kick in the ass!

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA

I agree, and even when the criminal is jailed the jail has gyms, TV, computers and even puts them through university if they want it. Hell, I should have just robbed somebody a couple of times so I didn't have any student loans. Think

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Federal gov't planning a gun amnesty:in CANADA


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