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Federal Concealed Carry

Anyone think that a federal concealed carry law could be passed. Obviously not in the current arena but given the right circumstances?

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No, I think it will remain a

No, I think it will remain a state by state issue.  I don't think they'd take it up nationally, unfortunately.

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Highly doubtful... since it

Highly doubtful... since it is something that has been on and off the table for almost two decades now. 

The hard part is three fold.  First there are too many opponents to gun rights to ever make enough folks happy with a national statute.  Second, those who are pro gun rights are likely to not want to register for a national CC license... since they would view it as defacto gun registration.

Third, that power will remain with the states, since the Feds do not have the regulatory power to enforce a national concealed carry option in every state.  Constitutionally it would still be up to each state to recognize it.