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Favorite types of magazines

Nope, I don't mean "Outdoor Life" or "Field & Stream"! What I do mean are the magazines that hold the rounds in your rifles. Which are your favorites? Do you prefer a traditional hinged floorplate? Or perhaps a blind magazine? Maybe you like a detachable magazine? How about a combination floor plate & detachable ala Browning? Is a tube fed Marlin type your favorite?

I did a little survey of my personal rifles and found something pretty interesting actually. NONE of my bolt action rifles had detachable magazines! Not one! Now several of my non bolt rifles do have detachable magazines. Rifles like my lever guns (both tube fed and det mags) and my semi-autos (both det mags and combination, Browning types) of course need some other type. Wonder why none of my bolt guns were like that?

So, what's the verdict? What's your favorite type magazine(s) for your long rifles? ::confused2  

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hinged floor plate is my

hinged floor plate is my favorite, because if you ever lost a clip it really pisses you off.  i only use a detachable clip in a rimfire gopher gun so i can keep 3 loaded and switch back and forth and not have to be reloading when the action is crazy


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I prefer the detachable mags. I have two 700 mountian dm rifles one in 280 the other 25/06. they use the same mag and I even found an extra one on sale so I have several of the mags. I do have a 700 bdl with a hinged floor plate and have found a stock, trigger guard and mag to convert it.

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My true favorite mag is one that feeds smoothly and dosent jamb!!!!!

What I do have is a most UN-FAVORITE mag and that is the tube.  When it comes to shotguns it is not a big deal but when talking rifles, no tubes here.  The tube mag limits your ammo choice (though Revolution ammo is trying to fix some of that) and I have had multiple instances of rounds getting stuck in the tube and then showing up and the wrong time.  True in all cases there were enviromental factors (esp temp) that were big contributers.

Still my Ruger 44 mag rifle is a Deerfield clip fed gun and all my lever actions are Savage 99's, no tubes in my collection.

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Every good rifle I have is a

Every good rifle I have is a hinged magazine type and very seldom do I open them to empty the shells.  Rather, I just rack them through the action, which is very simple on the ones that have controlled feed because they don't require anything other than sliding the bolt back and forth.  I have one old bolt 30-30 that has an external clip and I seldom use it other than up in northern MI if the weather gets so bad I don't need a scope and I don't worry about it's value.  I can't remember the last time I even shot it.

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My 788 has a detachable

My 788 has a detachable magazine and it doesn't bother me. I don't care for hinged floor plates but have two rifles with them. I like blind magazines. No need to cycle the action to mty them, just bump the cartridge a bit with the bolt to get it out of the well and roll the rifle on it's side and the cartridge falls out.

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I'm partial to the hinged

I'm partial to the hinged floor plate and det mag on my Browning A bolt.  No easier way to unload than to open the floor plate, grab the mag and your done.  Course I haven't lost or missplaced the mag yet and have bought a spare (just in case).  I have dumped a mag full of cartridges onto the ground from my Remington 700 which is no big deal at the range but a pain in the ... in the mud and snow.

The only type of magazine that would stop me from buying a particular rifle (unless the price was REAL good) is and has been a blind magazine.

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I am partial to the hinged

I am partial to the hinged floor plate type over a detached magazine but not by much. Third would be the blind magazine and last would be the tube magazine.

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In bolt-action centerfire rifles I prefere hinged floor plate type internal mags. Maybe because that's mostly what I've owned and used and they never have given me any trouble.  Also because I find them easy to clean and allow for cleaning the action easier when cleaning the rifle.  But I would not be above buying a centerfire bolt gun with a detatchable box magazine. For auto loading rimfire rifles I prefer flush fitting detachable magazines as opposed to tube mags.  For hunting purposes and field carry I don't like to have a lot of shit hanging off of and out of my rifles, the less stuff the better. 

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