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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

What would you say if there was only one company that made all muzzleloading equiptment/guns, what would you pick it to be?

For me it would have to be Traditions. I have a .50 cal hawken woodsman flint, and I love it, most of cleaning equipt. is Traditions also.


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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Only one kind of gun! Man thats a scary thought. If I absolutly have to, I would have to go with a Thompson Center with Knight and Traditions coming in tied for second.

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

lmao , i would get more into making my own

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Lyman. They make traditionally-styled guns with modern materials and techniques, and with a good balance between quality and economy.

No offense to those who like Traditions, but I've owned one of their rifles and won't waste my money on another -- it was a piece of over-priced junk compared to my Lyman.

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Thompson Center all the way!

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

If Traditions was MADE IN USA I would be a hard core Traditions fan. They got the right stuff, but they are stabbing the American working class in the back by manufacturing offshore. Oddly enough the good ole boys are their biggest coustomers. I'm only guessing, but I don't think they do much Blackpowder hunting outside of the USA. Well?, maybe Africa.

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

i would have to say a knight. reason is that its what I have in 54 cal.

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Hard to beat Thompson/Center considering the quality of the products and the Lifetime Warranty. Prices are high, but I guess as with most things, you get what you pay for.

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Lyman fan myself.

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Savage 10-ML-II

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Favorite Muzzleloading Company?

Thompson Center hands down...

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