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Family awarded $1.7 Million in fatal bear attack

Not sure how I feel about this.  The family was "camping" in an area known for having lots of bears.  I think you take a risk when being out there. 

However, if they did have problems with that bear earlier, and neglected to tell the campers, then that's wrong....


No matter the money, can't bring the boy back though. Sad......

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First, I feel sympathy for

First, I feel sympathy for the family. But, it's firmly my opinion that 100% safety cannot be legislated and cannot ever be accomplished for those seeking an outdoors "experience". If that family had chosen to stay in the Holiday Inn, things likely would have been very different. But they chose to experience the outdoors and nature (something I commend). This sets a precedent that may well have far reaching consequences. A man was killed in Montana last spring by a bear that had recently been handled by the wildlife agency in that area.

Two people have been killed by bears in my home state since 2000, tied for the most of any state in the lower 48 in that time frame. Experiencing the true outdoors and exploring wilderness areas does come and always has come with something of a risk to those who choose to do so. All that being said, I'd like to know what laws were in place within that campground concerning campers arming themselves for protection from predators, both 4 & 2 legged, as I also believe we should have a right to do so.

I would also not relieve a state or federal agency from responsibility, when they have a known problem either. I do know that many (most?) such places already have signs warning of potential dangers and I feel a camper has the responsibility of doing what a prudent person would do to protect themselves and their families.

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The main problem was that the

The main problem was that the Utah DOW did not post anything about a dangerous bear in the area after  the bear had broke into the tents the night before.  That along with the kids having candy and empty wrappers in the tent didn't help any. 

It is a lot like one year that I was scouting for elk in the Book Cliffs in Utah.  We had camped just off the side of a road the first night and then headed down a ridge the next morning to find some elk.  On the way down the ridge right next to a camping spot was a bear trap that was set and baited.  The big problem was that there was no warning signs in the area that there was a trap and bait waiting for a bear.  When I talked to the local officer and told him that we just may of camped there he was quite surprised and said that he would take care of it.  The next weekend there were signs all over the place of a study going on and that we may encounter baited bear traps. 

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Although I do agree that a

Although I do agree that a notice should be posted I also know that most people barely give them a second look and rarely take the warning as meaning anything. I think most of us here are always aware of the potential for problems out there and plan accordingly but the general population is clueless.

It is truly a sad event though and it is entirely possible that a warning might have prevented thie tragedy.

As far as the monetary reward I'm unsure if that is deserved. I've never been in such a situation and hopefully never will be.

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