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Fallow deer in Maryland

I am relocating back to Maryland and noticed that the MD DNR listed Fallow deer in the deer hunting season. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find historical harvest records on Fallow deer in Maryland?

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I don't have any harvest

I don't have any harvest records on the Fallow Deer in Maryland. I read that they are only available in the wild because they have escaped from captivity, most likey from hunting preserves. They may be taken in place of a white tail for those who have a valid license.

Another interesting fact is that Maryland has a fair-sized herd of Sika deer (pronounced, 'seek-a'). They were brought there from Japan in 1916 and were kept on James Island. The man who brought them soon grew tired of feeding them, and they were allowed to spread to the salt marshes of Maryland's Eastern Shore. Hunters may take 2 Sika deer per year, with one being antlered. Last year just over 1,000 Sika deer were taken by hunters.


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Sika Deer

As Jaybe has mentioned, Maryland now has a hunting population of Sitka deer.  Another area they may be hunted is on Assateague Island.  I have a friend that has archery hunted them and says it's a fantastic hunt.

The Sika deer is a relative to the red stag of Germany and New Zealand but usually much smaller.  They range from 100 to about 150 pounds with the males being much larger than the females.  Their antlers more resemble an elk than any of our deer as they stand much higher.  They are a deer than never loses its spots.  Color ranges from reddish to a very dark, almost black.

I have a friend that has bow hunted them on Assateague and has been quite successful.  For him, it adds a new dimension to deer hunting.  My son, who lives in Maryland, is planning on driving down and giving it a try as well.


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