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Fall turkey hunting tactics

What is your preferred technique for taking fall turkeys? Are you into busting and calling, or do you pattern and stalk? I like to watch the birds, observe their movements from a ways off, so it's all natural, they aren't pressured at all. I've kept watching a couple flocks even since Spring season ended, Im already figuring where I'll set up on them as season gets closer, I'll want to get close to them a few times before October 11th, which is opening day. I used this tactic during spring too, even while hunting, I wasn't particularly vocal, I did not rely on calls except for the tree yelp. I guess I get more enjoyment out of the pre-season stalking than out of sitting there calling.

To me, there's nothing like having a group of turkeys within 20 feet of me. Even if they're only hens, or a mixed flock containing hens and juvenile turkeys, it's a rush. One of the flocks I've marked is a bachelor flock, although I haven't really gotten that good of a look at the mature tom in that one, I know there's at least four jakes in it.

Anyway, enough rambling. Has anyone else begun preparing for the season? Archery hunters in particular? And if so, how?

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Fall turkey hunting tactics

I find it real hard to hunt turkeys in the fall. We can't stalk them here but I think the best chance is if you have thier patterns down then wait for them....like deer hunting. The season is during the fall bow season here so I try to deer hunt with the bow....near where I think the turkeys might be. Only scored once.