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Fall Bear Hunt in Colorado

I just drew a tag for September for Bear in units 7, 8, 9, 19, 20, 191.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where or how to hunt bear around here? I grew up in WI and we baited, can't do that in CO :(

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Fall Bear Hunt in Colorado

My wife & I have been blessed to harvest a few Bear in Colorado, without bait and dogs. We have a 50% success rate.
I think the key to Bear hunting , without bait and dogs is to find their "Food". Find out where there're eating. Come the end of July, Colorado Black Bear will feed up to 20 hours per day, getting ready for winter.
They like to eat, Fatty foods.....Nuts, Maggots, Berries and grass. The area we hunt has a lot of Scrub Oak and on a nice, wet year they will eat the acorns that grow on the Oak, they love all kinds of berries especially Chokecherries.
Once we find out where they're eating, we get up high and glass. It takes a lot of patience and many hours. We may glass 3 or 4 areas per day. Once we spot one by itself, without cubs we determine its size and if we like it, we stalk it. Bear are very alert, but thankfully at this time of year they are to to busy eating to pay total attention and if you're careful, you can get in range with a rifle to harvest one.
I would also contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer in that area and ask him for suggestions. CDOW's # 303-297-1192.

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