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Falconry Apprentice Exam and Application.


  • Falconry Apprentice Exam and Application.
    For those interested in practicing the sport of falconry in New York State, an exam will be held for an Apprentice Falconry License on April 22. To register for the exam an application must be submitted by April 1. Falconry is a traditional sport in which a raptor, such as a falcon or hawk, is trained to hunt small game. In New York State, Apprentices are limited to possessing one bird, either an American kestrel or a red-tailed hawk, and must serve two years under the guidance of a General or Master Falconer. A person thinking about becoming a falconer must understand that they are responsible for meeting the daily needs of the raptor, including feeding, housing, exercising, and ensuring that the bird has appropriate veterinary care. Review the DEC press release (http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/72777.html) for more information on applying for the exam.
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    I've always thought flconry

    I've always thought flconry was cool.

    Wonder what it costs to purchase and license a falcon for hunting?

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