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Everyones plans?

With rifle season due to start here in CO in a few weeks, Im was just curious what everyones palns were gonna be.  Kinda like when and where you are hunting.  Do not have to be specfic on where do not want any one to give any secert spot.

We are hunting elk and deer 2nd season here, north of Hayden Colorado.  We usually hunt first season but with the tag cuts we had to scrabmle after the draw and we are hoping for the best.

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Muley hunting 2nd season

Myself, my father , and my daughter will be chasing muleys in 2nd season southwest of Grand Junction, but in two seperate units. Luckily the units are right next to each other (my daughter drew her 2nd choice which was the different unit).

Good luck to all still chasing them ! Thumbs up

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first season here

son and I going first season flat tops area, plan on shooting 2 bulls opening day in same herd and spending the rest of the 5 day season getting them to camp.Big smile

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I bought a leftover, either

I bought a leftover, either sex tag for the Sangre's.  That is a real low percentage success area, but I will climb high and see if I can beat the odds.  That will be a solo hunt.  That is 1st season,

Then 2nd season we spent points to get into Unit 76 for cows.  We should have a better chance for success there.

Late in the year I'll probably try for a Kansas whitetail doe.


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archery SD deer now till

archery SD deer now till january...

SD double antelope last weekend...

SD double antelope this weekend...

bull elk 481 colo opening 1st season.

 SD west river double deer nov. 1st...

SD black hills whitetail thru nov.30th 

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Good luck to everyone out

Good luck to everyone out there.  Hope all your plans include bagging a big one.  One of these days I will make it out to CO for a nice elk hunt...... Thumbs up

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Goose, you know about where we'll be.  Plan on heading up in Friday afternoon after we get some good sleep after the 32 hour drive out there.  I'll keep an eye out for your truck and maybe we'll stop over.  Is there cell service up there? (that may be a silly question lol).  If there is maybe we can swap numbers via e-mail and touch base. If all goes well the next two weeks I plan on bringing plenty of wood duck breast filets with me to cook on the fire!  Wood duck on an open fire with a cold one sitting in the middle of the rockies...my wife has her fingers crossed that I decide to come home lol

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Our Plans

2nd season North of Walden. 2 bulls, 2 cows, 3 mulie bucks and a bear. Liver and onions are on the menu!Dancing

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No rifle hunts planned for

No rifle hunts planned for me, unless I decide to hunt bear with my rifle. My plans are to just bow hunt, good luck to everyone with up coming hunts, cant wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.

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Big smile First Season Cow Hunt Unit 11, Waha, ID south of Lewiston

and Whitetail Deer...between now and Dec 1st in units 8,8a, 10a, 5 and 6 and maybe up in 11 during cow hunt if it is a big buck!!



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Yes good luck to

Yes good luck to all.

bearklr, up near the top of the ears I have has cell servuice in a few places not the best but you can make a call.  I will be headed up the wedsenday before the season to get camp set up and to just enjoy the outdoors before the work starts,  I will send you my email address and phone number in a PM.

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