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Even more dead deer

Man, the big ones just keep falling, unfortunately not to a hunters weapon.  How many does that make this year?  Seems like we hear about new ones almost daily.

Didn't see it posted.  Mods, delete this if it was.



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That is truly a great shame that two such noble beasts end up dying like a couple of road kill squirrels. The description of the "viewing" is most certainly very interesting one in itself, no doubt. 

I would very much enjoy seeing one of those monster deer in the wild, but we all know how life is. "It is, what it is!" Anyway, I certainly enjoyed reading that story and seeing the pic and only can say this..... Perhaps someday I'll see a deer like that while hunting!

If not, I'll still enjoy the idea I might!  Yes

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That's too bad.

Liek I said in teh Montana moose thread.   I feel sorry for the animal and sorry for those hunters who would be grateful for this animal. Whenever I see deer dead on the shoulder of the road, I feel that it is sad for them, but I feel the loss for me too because that venison wont be going in my freezer or that of anyone I know. 

So despite knowing that it will be used by scavengers it still seems like a waste to me.

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Too Sad

Yes - that incident happened about 100 miles from where I live. I also have some other photos of it on my computer but won't post them now.

I've been steelhead fishing many, many times, but never came back with anything like that.

Guess I'll have to try the St. Joseph River. Yes