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So i pose a question. If you have agood friend or family member who hunts or fishes, and didnt always follow the law. examples, someon who will road hunt and shoot out of there vehicle or shoot an animal on someone elses tag or hunt on land closed to hunting. on the fishing side, keep fish out of season or didnt have a tag for that type of fish or does snagging. what would you do to handle or treat that situation? I personaly dont have anyone that i know about that does that but was thinking about what i would do if i did. If it was a friend that would be fairly easy, as in tell them i dont agree with what they are doing and just stop hunting or fishing with them, and possibly turn them in to the police. if it was a family member it would be a little harder to turn them in but i wouldnt be seen in the woods with them anymore. What would you do?

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I personqally do not know of

I personqally do not know of anybody breaking hunitng laws on purpose.  If I did I would have to say that one I would be hanging out withnthem while hunitng or fishing.  Second as far as turning them in it would really depend on how severe they were breaking laws, do not get me wrong I do not agree with people who do not foloow the regulations as they make all hunters look bad, but if is is something smaller like shooting from the road I may not turn them in, but as far as trespassing and shooting an animal they are not suppose to I may have to make a phone call.  And I most definetly would tell them how I feel about their actions and warm them about their action and the consequences.

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Come on guys... everyone

Come on guys... everyone knows atleast someone who isn't the most ethical sportsman. If you do not than you are pretty lucky. I have struggled with this for a while. My grandpa taught me how to fish. I am forever grateful for this. But he also party fished. For anyone that doesn't know what this means, party fishing is where you everyone catches fish towards the groups limit instead of holding true to each fishermans individual limit. I was too young to know that something was not being done right. And he was just old school and didn't think anything of it. When at a young age I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in wildlife management, I knew that something would have to change. That conversations with my Grandpa was a hard one but if we wanted to keep fishing together I needed to obey my limit. He was loving and understood and didn't judge me and knew that I wasn't judging him. I have known others that have committed much more severe offenses. I have tried to distance myself from their actions and let them know that I was not OK with what they were doing. Its hard though when it is family, that is for sure.

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I would have to speak to

I would have to speak to them, tell them that I don't like wha they are doing, adn that they should not be putting me in that uncomfortable position.  I don't think, however, I could turn them in.  Unless it's flagrant poaching of big game, etc.

But as Hawk said, we all know someone who has done it in one way or another.  I know it may not be right, but there are some things that are sort of trivial and others that are serious.  Party fishing as he explains, is a very common thing out here with ocean fishing, especially when tuna season rolls around.  4 guys ont he boat, can keep 20 fish, so they keep fishing till all 20 are caught.  Nobody really tracks who caught waht.

Now, overfishing, or taking fish/game out of season, that's a little more serious in my book. 

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