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Just a small story I felt should go in this topic forum...Enjoy and pay attention.


How can we escape the stresses of life in today's world? Try escaping todays world! Leave it behind! Open your eyes and see what today's world is actually doing to this planet we call home. We all need to start going back to our roots and discover nature again. Let me see if I can guess your daily life. You wake up, take a shower and drink half a pot of coffee because you slept terribly because you couldnt get your mind of of work. You take your half hour drive to a job that you pretty much hate in traffic that would make a minister curse. You arrive to an unappreciative boss that was lucky to get his position above you as you are greatly more qualified for the job he has. You sit down to a computer that seems to have more of a life than you or your co-workers. Am I getting close? Now close your eyes and picture this, Its just before dawn and the woods are beginning to come alive as natures loved ones begin to awake for the day. As the first rays of the sun start to pierce the darkness, your breath is taken away at the splendor of its beauty. A little squirrel startles you as it hops from the base of a tree and begins its routine of looking for nutts for the upcomming winter. The birds begin thier melody as well as a woodpecker starts its tap tap tap for its daily meal. Suddenly you hear the soft crunch of leaves that your well tuned huntsman ears quickly recognise as your quarry, the White tailed Deer. That unmistakable hesitatant step of the ever elusive mature buck. This is what you have worked for all summer. You have watched from afar, as much as your humdrum work life would allow, memorizing his habits and feeding patterns. You have ever so carefully eased around in the woods looking for the subtle signs of deer activity. After all this work and carefully and stratigicly placing your stand, the moment of truth has arrived! You slowly turn your head and see the majestic crown of the buck you have been watching all summer long. Of course you have been diligent with your scent control, leaving no sign that you were there. Slowly you reach for your trusty bow that you have practiced with all year long so that you may make that all importaint clean shot. Your heart races with anticipation as he nears your shot lane. The adrenilin is pumping through your veins so hard that you are trembling. The buck has gotten within range as you draw your bow. You take a few slow deep breaths to steady your pin on a slightly quartering away masterpiece of nature. The buck stops and you let your arrow fly. Time seems to slow down to a painfull crawl as you watch your arrow find its mark. A perfectly placed broadhead has found its way. You drop back down to your seat as you watch your quarry run for a bit then drop. In your heart you thank nature for giving you this rare and increadible gift. You thank her for giving you this bounty of beauty and sustanence. That old stress has left your body entirely by now and the world seems a more wonderous place.

Dont forget to take yourself and a child hunting or fishing and share this wonderous gift called nature.

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Well said Applause
I did an audio "essay" on the same topic recently. Amazing how much all of us have in common, no matter where we are.

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Very well put. lol

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Thanks for the post, the first part of your post just isn't my experience , furthermore I don't experience the outdoors to relieve anything. I'm only there for the experience ! Big smile