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entertaining morning

We had some entertainment this morning.

The tom turkeys(Male) have been strutting and rutting for a couple of weeks. You can here them gobbling and making all kinds of ruckus. It has been funny watching the jakes(young males) getting all worked up with no way to release the aggression but fight.

So this morning the hens are paying attention to the toms. One hen lays down next to the tom and he mounts her. While they are doing the dirty turkey, another hen lays down next to the other tom and they start going at it. The funny thing is they are both facing each other about 25 yards apart. As soon as the first tom was done, he belined over to the other tom and knocks him off of the hen he is doing. The first tom than pushes the other tom out of the way, and goes back to the second hen and proceeds to mount her.

Basically in 3 minute span, the tom gets laid,picks a fight and than wins the fight and gets laid again by the second hen.

What a fricken stud.

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Sounds like the animal kingdom!

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Too Funny!

What no video?!?!  lol

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:lol: This has to be the

lol :lol: lol This has to be the funniest post I have read on this website!  Thanks for sharing! Applause

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That is freaking awesome!! Don't ever shoot that stud and you'll have plenty of turkey to hunt in the future.

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Cool Story

Thats hilarious, but would be cool to see

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So one of the guys that works

So one of the guys that works with my wife has a kid, that wants to hunt turkeys. so they come out saturday and set up and blind, and the start of the youth season is monday morning. So i wake up and grab some coffee and figure i will have a hunting show right in front of me. So i see they put out there decoys, and sure enough the tom is coming into there decoy. I see the tom go up to the decoy and i am thinking, shoot. Sure enough the kid does and misses. twice. The tom runs to the house and starts eating the cat food. i open the door and the turkey fly over the cliff.

So dad is dejected but the kid is in good spirits. They decided to sit it out another hour. So a little later I am in the bathroom and i look out the window and a tom is 10 yards out the window. I walk out the front door and go grab the 2 hunters. They are calling it a morning. i than proceed to take them thru the carport and we scare the tom. The tom runs right past there blind. Hopefully they get him this evening.

The turkeys are just pest to me. This particular tom really likes cat food, and we have to scare him off of the front step every day.

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