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Encore Pro Hunter

Anyone with experience using the T/C Encore systems?  I mean buying and using the interchangable barrels? 

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jonesklan71 wrote:

Anyone with experience using the T/C Encore systems?  I mean buying and using the interchangable barrels? 

I purchased my first Encore rifle about 4 yrs ago. The standard Encore rifle (NOT ProHunter series) blue/walnut and chambered in 25/06 with 24" barrel. I was/am very pleased with the rifle. Having a full 24" length barrel it's still well under 40" OAL and I'm a huge fan of short rifles. The fact I got a 25/06 chambering was actually partly driven by the fact I'd found several boxes of 25/06 loads left from when I'd owned a Tikka 695 so chambered a few years before. So I was already familiar with the fine 25/06 cartridge.

The rifle's fit and finish were excellent and the accuracy was more than acceptable being right at MOA, which is all I ever look for in a hunting rifle. Sub MOA is great, but not needed in a rifle used for hunting Big Game IMHO. After having the Encore/25-06 for a few years I decided to add another barrel and began a search. Lots of chamberings are available and I finally settled on two, but only had the cash to buy one. So, perhaps a month of agonizing over whether to get an additional barrel in .338/06 OR .35 Whelen.

I already had other rifles in both those chamberings, but wanted a SS rifle in at least one of them as well. I finally decided on the .35W barrel, when it's sale price proved a bit lower than the .338's was. I put a similar scope on it as was on the 25/06 barrel, another 2-7x32. To date that combination has taken the whitetail with the longest shot (225 yds) I've ever harvested. The 200gr TSX .35W load dropped the Tennessee 8 pnt buck in it's tracks.

A plus that shooting the Encore platform gives you is of course the option of additional barrels in additional chamberings, but it also gives the owner the option of shooting a lighter caliber while still getting full practice potential for a bigger caliber. If you choose similar scopes and set-ups shooting the lighter one gives the shooter the prefect illusion of shooting the larger one. After all you are literally using the same stock, forend, trigger and scope and simply saving some wear on the old shoulder. The scopes stay with the seperate barrels and maintain perfect sight-in after removing and re-installing.

If you couldn't tell, I like the Encore rifle and fully recommend it to anyone considering it! Two thumbs up!!!  

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I have a 50cal ml in the

I have a 50cal ml in the Encore and am looking to add a 25-06 and a 45-70 to the mix. I love this gun and the support from TC is great. I broke the stock on mine at just a few weeks old and they sent me a new one with no problems. 

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