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Encore or Omega

I am trying to locate an TC Encore stainless with composite stock for a reasonable price. Seems everyone wants $600-$700! How does the Omega compare, or is the Encore worth the price? All opinions are appreciated.

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Encore or Omega

you get the same quality barrel as the encore and less money. I do own a black dimond. in a 50 cal. and it shoots as strait as my freinds. The new omega I think is a better gun because it gives you two inches of barrel without giving you a longer gun. they say that its giving you about three hundred fps. more. I am going to buy one next month and will give a report on how it shoots.

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Encore or Omega

The only reason to choose the Encore over the Omega is for the flexibility of adding centerfire barrels. The Omega "action" is absolutely elegant in its simplicity.

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Encore or Omega

I just prefer the fit and feel of the Encore over the Omega. I was just at the sporting goods dealer yesterday and I'm thinking of getting the Encore shortly as well. I was also thinking of the new Savage II, but man that gun is very muzzel heavy!!

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