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Elk Still Up High: Newspaper Update

Here's an article published in yesterday's Post: http://www.denverpost.com/outdoors/ci_16380752

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Don't tell that to the heard

Don't tell that to the heard that I found today at around 6500 ft.  They just might leave the area. 

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Weather's a'comin!!!

Looks like we are finally gonna get some weather up high that MIGHT get the elk started comin down. Last year we had the same conditions and I didn't SEE elk till the last two days of the season. Most folks that live around here HATE winter except those of us that hunt elk. COME ON SNOW!

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Good article.  That's always

Good article.  That's always seemed to be one of the toughest parts of the hunt to figure out.  Back east, it's all flat country, so there is no need to figure out a migration pattern based on weather.  Sure, they might "yard up" later in the year, but that's usually well after any seasons are done.

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Good read, hopefully thing

Good read, hopefully thing work out for everyone still holding a tag, here in oregon our mountains are getting pounded with snow, over 36" since sunday. and more on the way. the snow level now is at 3500'. hopefully it wont kill my late season hunts.

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We found a 5x5 that someone shot and didn't track the first week at around 6500 feet (half eaten by the time we found it).  We also took 2 bulls this past week and know of 4 other bulls all taken or seen on the same mountain below 7,000 feet.  Maybe the snow they got up in Routt made a difference.  I know the elk sightings sure make it seem like it did.

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I always take that info with

I always take that info with a grain of salt. I always start low and work my way up. You have to hunt them where you see them.

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