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Is the elk rut over?

I woke up early this morning to get caught up on work and I heard rustling noises in the backyard. Several bull elk were eating what was left of the garden and what they could find of green grass in the yard. A few of the bulls would gently spar, but nothing very aggressive. They hung out for about a half hour and moved on. (I didn't get any work done.) I have never seen bachelor herds this late in the year, what's going on? Have they not come into rut, or was it super early and now it's completely over? The weather has been very warm this year (I think Denver set a record high yesterday). Maybe the temperature has something to do with it.

I'll be hunting GMU 37 next week and might have to rethink some of my strategies. Any thoughts or advice hunters?


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I would say for 99% of the

I would say for 99% of the elk it is over but you will see them sparing and pushing each other around for a few more weeks.  I watched two 6x6's last week pushing each other around for about a half hour until the smaller one decided that he had had enough and left the bigger bull alone.  Or was that the bigger bull decided to leave the smaller one alone.  Also the bulls were still sniffing the cows and checking them out but most of the cows would have nothing to do with them and went their own way.  Also in the last week I didn't see any bachlor heards but the bulls were still with the cows and the spikes were moving back into the heards.  At least they were that way in Utah last week.

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Had a couple of guys that I

Had a couple of guys that I know that just got back from a week in Utah.  Their hunt was last week, and they said they had 3 or 4 bulls bugling at each other one day, and another one going at it the next day.  Don't know if that's a regular thing to have happening in mid-Oct, but they even called their wives while the bugling was going on to prove it.

They were in SE Utah.......

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no bugleing in the Sangres

I didn't hear anything while hunting the Sangre's last weekend but a lot of that might have been that I wasn't in a very good area.

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