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Elk or mulies with contender?

One of the members of our hunt group owns a contender in .308. He sometimes pulls it out for the last day of our mule deer and elk hunts. Has anyone hunted out west with one and had success?

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I have hunted both elk and

I have hunted both elk and mule deer with a T/C Contender in .357 Herrett and 7-30 Waters and have had a lot of fun doing it.  The longest shot that I have taken was on a 3x4 mule deer with the 7-30 Waters with a 120 grain bullet at 2900 fps and he droped in his tracks.  One of the elk that I took with the .357 Herrett droped in her tracks at a little over 100 yards.  I have also taken two bull elk with the Herrett with no problems and one with the Waters witch took a follow up shot but it really wasn't necessary. 

So if your friend is hunting with a .308 in one I would tell him not to wait until the last day but to start out from the begining with it and enjoy it. 

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I was wondering why he waits

I was wondering why he waits till the last day to use one also?

And if it's in .308 he's using an Encore as the frame is made for the higher pressure cartridges.

The Contender came out many years before. I used one in .35 remington for quite awhile.

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