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elk in my backyard

We live in a rural area outside Denver at about 8400' and we usually see elk throughout the summer.  This year we've seen very few, but last night was different.  We had a herd of at least 8 legal bulls (there might have been more - I couldn't see all of them) and several cows and yearlings.  All the velvet was off, though some still had a piece or two hanging on the antlers.  Two of the really big 6x6 bulls were sparring.  I heard one bugle, but it was earlier in the day, and the only sounds they made were mews, even from the bulls.

My neighbor bow hunts the area, but I usually don't as I feel like it's not a fair chase if I can shoot an arrow from my bedroom.

Sorry for the blurry pics.  It was right as dusk and it was the best I could do with the small, point and shoot camera I have.

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Room For Rent?

Gotta agree with you Mountain 10mm, it'd be wrong to shoot an elk like this from your own bedroom window. Oh, and by the way, is there any chance that you'd rent out your bedroom to an out of stater for a few days? I can offer elk liver & onions for dinner and tenderloin hash & eggs for breakfast if things work out!

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2nd that

I also have property SW of denver and have been seeing alot more elk lately. I also have a resident bachelor muley group of 8 that have been there all summer. a couple that should go 180+. But I will be driving 4 hrs SW this thursday to start off the archery season on sat. I have been scouting at 7600-8500 ft  this summer and have seen no less than 6-6X6 bulls a day. Last weekend I counted 16 bulls in 8 hrs of scouting.  Some were in partial velvet but most were clean. They are low but I don't know how long they will be there because I have not seen any cows all summer. Come the rut they will be leaving looking for the cows.

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great pics......can I come

great pics......can I come and live with you for a few days in October?  haha

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Great pics Mtn10mm. I think

Great pics Mtn10mm. I think that right there is why we live in the GREATEST state. That would be mouth watering to look out and see that such a short time before season starts. Please enjoy the beauty of Co in your back yard and BEST of luck to you on your pursuit of the Harvest this year!!

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Ahh, to be back in Colorado

Ahh, to be back in Colorado again.

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Darn... Don't think I could

Darn... Don't think I could hold the gun/bow still if I saw that walking towards me......

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a whole lot of shooters.

a whole lot of shooters.

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Wanna trade residences? ha

Wanna trade residences? ha That's pretty darn neat.

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I would have the shakes if I

I would have the shakes if I leaved there year round.

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Thats pretty sweet, i wish i

Thats pretty sweet, i wish i had elk like that in my yard.

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