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Elk movement patterns?

In reading and studying videos, it looks like an elk is an incredible animal.

First of all, they are the most vocal of all the deer family – they “talk” a lot more than a whitetail deer does, that is for sure. This really sounds like it is part of their “undoing” also – because it looks like a lot of them get called in and shot.

I know this is going to be a general characterization, but is it fair to state that in summer and as we approach the archery season, the elk are primarily up high… even as high as at or above the timberline… and while at night, they may descent to lower elevations to feed, then return to the upper reaches of the mountains during the day?

Would it also be a fair characterization to state that the north and west facing slopes of a mountain contain more timber and as such are a more likely hiding place for the elk during the day?

Then, as we move past bow season and the cold starts in earnest, it looks like the deeper snows push the elk further down the mountain – and this is done presumably to escape the deeper snows and so they can also move to where food is more readily found?

Is this even starting to be accurate?

What would be great would be a generalized timeline – like a “year in the life of a bull elk” that sort of spelled out what they did each month and why…

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