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Elk meat recalled due to CWD Boulder County Health Depart.

anybody got any of this elk meat in the freezer ???

Warning out on elk meat sold at Boulder farmer's market

By Kevin Vaughan, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) Published December 25, 2008 at 12:05 a.m.

State health officials issued a warning Wednesday after learning that unsuspecting consumers bought hundreds of pounds of elk meat this month from an animal infected with chronic wasting disease.

The elk was sold Dec. 13 at a farmer's market at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.

Although research has found no risk to humans who eat infected elk, officials at the state and Boulder County health departments recommended that the meat not be consumed.

"There's been now 10 years- plus of research looking at whether CWD poses a human health risk, and the evidence to date suggests it does not," said John Pape, epidemiologist at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment.

Still, he said, the research is not definitive.

In all, 15 animals purchased at a commercial Colorado elk ranch were processed in early December at a USDA-licensed plant. All those animals were tested for the disease.

Test results obtained Tuesday indicated that one of the animals was infected with CWD, one of several diseases thought to be caused by misshaped proteins that inflict damage to nerve cells in the brain. It is a cousin to both crapie in sheep and mad cow disease.

Label information

On infected elk meat:

* Seller: High Wire Ranch

* Cuts: chuck roast, arm roast, flat iron, ribeye steak, New York steak, tenderloin, sirloin tip roast, medallions and ground meat.

* Processor: Cedaredge Processing

* USDA triangle number: 34645

For more information, contact John Pape, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, 303-692-2628.

COULD NOT FIND any warning or recalls on these two sites confirming their recall of CWD infected meat. ...TSS

Thursday, December 25, 2008
Elk meat recalled due to CWD Boulder County Health Department and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment