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Elk hunting question

A buddy of mine and I, both Minnesota residents, are looking to possibly do a self guided elk hunt next year, but neither of us have hunted elk before and don't really know where to start. We have been looking at Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Idaho as possible hunting locations. We are going to archery hunt and want either a bull only tag or an either sex tag. We are looking for any information on possible buying over the counter tag oportunities, and also information and if this is not available anywhere, what states have the highest draw percentage. We are both college kids, so price is somewhat of an issue, but want to hunt elk no matter where we have to go and what we have to pay for a tag, but we don't want to go on a guided hunt. Any information would be helpful. If anyone knows any specific zones that are good that would also be helpful. We are planning on spending the off season learning as much about hunting elk as possible. Also, what options are there for Elk hunting in Canada? Any non residents out there that have had any experiences, both positive and negative, hunting elk in one of these states?

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Elk hunting question

well I know that there is some good hunting up around Meeker, Co. near the Flat tops and White River. Alot of this area is private but there is still some good public areas. We did a self guided drop camp last year and had a ball.

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Elk hunting question

Hi, dont know a lot about the regs in other states than Colorado, but here you can get over the counter either sex tags and another anterless only tag. Over the counter tags are good for the majority of units. Some are draw only. Flat tops wilderness area is an excellent area. Lots of elk, not real huge bulls but you sure can find some nice ones. All i have ever done here is do it yourself hunts. I have had best luck when i took horses though. There are places to rent horses for a week or so if you dont have any. If you have never hunted elk in archery season before get at least a cow call and practice, a bugle helps too. Good luck and hope this was at least a little help.

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Re: Elk hunting question
... Also, what options are there for Elk hunting in Canada? Any non residents out there that have had any experiences, both positive and negative, hunting elk in one of these states?[/quote wrote:

In Canada, international hunters unfortuntely are referred to as non-resident aliens (interprovincial hunters in Canada are referred to as non-residents) but what you need to know is that any hunter with either type of non-resident status will have to be hosted by a resident hunter... there are restrictions around the number of hunters and the frequnecy of trips as well but since it would be your first time you would only need to be concerned with the number of hunters and finding a hunter host. Depending on your location would dictate your best bet for a cost-effective hunt. Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan probably are the best provinces to consider for an elk hunt but the regulations are quite different for each province so you will have to research that. In Alberta the Hunting & Fishing regulations can be found at http://www.albertaoutdoorsmen.ca

As far as a hunter host goes, you will need to engage contacts you have with residents in these provinces.

You will also have to consider the various federal and provincial regulations regarding transportation and possesion of non-restricted firearms, legal ammunition, legal optics and wild game meat.

If you can get up here there are tremendous opportunities but I would definitely recommend focusing alot of your energy on physical & mental conditioning as well as behavior and habits of elk in both mountain and rangeland terrain. Elk hunting is quite different from hunting other big game. And practice your calls relentlessly! They are receptive if you have the ability to sound genuine.

Want a little teaser... check out my first bow hunt for elk http://members.shaw.ca/grunter/elkhunt_1.html

Good luck with your hunt!

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