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Elk Hunting Pics

Seems as though a lot of guys and gals are thinking of going elk hunting or planning there first elk hunts. Lets get them pumped by sharing photos and/or stories of successful and unsuccessful hunts. So everyone join in and share some stuff.

I love seing them like this !

My first bull.

My dads first bull

My brothers first bull

My dads first 6x6 with a bow

My best bull to date

My brothers best bull

My brothers and my bulls together

Some of my favorite elk country.

Dad and I working on an archery bull (My brother is taking the pic)

My 2nd bull

The first bull I saw my dad take.

My oldest sons first elk (Jacob)

My youngest sons first elk (Arlan)

My nephews first elk (Daniel) only 14 with archery tackle

My nieces first elk (Lisa)

Anothers nieces first elk (Kanisha)

One of my archery elk

Cow elk out the window of the camper

An elk I tracked for two days after some guys came into my camp and said they shot an elk and could not find him. They had hit him in the back leg under the knee. He fell of a cliff after I shot him and luckily landed and stayed right here.

My 2008 archery bull

My dads archery velvet bull.

My 1995 archery bull

My brothers best rifle bull

My taxidermist best bull. I helped him on this hunt.

My meat cutters best bull

My 2005 bull

Another one of my brothers archery bulls

 A big cow I took

One of my dads buddies that we helped take his first branch antlered bull

My other taxidermist best bull.

One of my uncles bulls we helped pack out

2001 rifle season one of my hunting buddies

and some more of the motley crew

Another one of my rifle bulls

Another cow I took (My wife and kidos helped me pack her out)

Another one of my bros archery elk along with my dad

Another great archery bull

Our buddy Ryans first archery bull

Another buddy Scotts bull (I am holding the antlers)

A little cow my dad took (some friends we invited to hunt with us are in the pic)

My bros 2010 bull

So guys and gals jump in and share some stuff !


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Looks like a lot of great

Looks like a lot of great times you have had and have some taken some real nice animals.  It is barely the new year and I am already chomping at the bit to go elk hunting and it is basically nine months away..hope I can hold out that long....guess I really do not have a choice.

I have alot of my pictures up in a gallery unnder my screen name.  Looking forward to seeing many more pictures.

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Wow, some incredible photos

Wow, some incredible photos there.
I bet there are many good stories to go along with them.!
Congrats on the past successes!!!

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Man, Elkkill,  That is just

Man, Elkkill, 

That is just rude!

What a stunningly incredible set of photgraphs!

I am just in awe... that does not look like one family's photo album - that looks like the photo album of the entire county!

Some of those are massive beasts - I do not know how to judge an elk's antlers like I can a whitetail's - but some of those have to be 350" + - right?

Like I told Two Bear, you folks are not making it any easier... this is brutal to sit here and read this stuff - and now to look at these photos - and not be able to have an immediate plan to get out there and hunt.

I posted earlier that I have snapped... it is more than official now... I have wiped the 2011 Illinois bow hunt off of the slate and penciled in Colorado in bold... I just gotta figure out how to go about it.

Great, great photos - I do not know how to qualify them any other way.

Off the charts...


Thanks for images -


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Thought it would help !!!!!! ;)


I'm truely sorry :evil:  but I thought it had to be done !! I just thought I would put the nail in the coffin ! There are 2 bulls in there that go over 350 and 1 just under. Than there are several that go over 300 or just under. They are all OTC bulls but 2 of them. My taxidermists and meat cutters.

And I wanted to see everybody elses critters and pics. I hope more people will share.


PS I have a story I wrote and sent to the Stories and Photos section. Should be there soon !

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small world, that's my meat

small world, that's my meat cutter too!  D&M did me right.

this year was only my second elk hunt, got my first:


my Partition.  went through both shoulders and was just under the skin on the other side:

beautiful country:

for the locals I believe this is the backside of Hightower:

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Cool pics !!!


Definately a small world ! Dan and Michelle are wonderful people and do a great job, they have been friends of mine for some time.

Congrats on your first elk and thank you for sharing the great pics. There is nothing better than your first ! Thumbs up

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Can You Say, "WOW!"?

That is one elk-huntin' family there.

It looks like everybody from Grandma and Grandpa right down to the little grandkids get involved in everything from skinning to packing out the meat.

Reminds me of one of the segments on the Sarah Palin's Alaska series where the girls all got their hands really bloody and slimy processing salmon with their grandma.

That is some absolutely beautiful country out there.

I was hoping that this was a thread that Jim B wouldn't see, as I know it's going to push him right over the top.  Too Late! :lol:

Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


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Thanks much jaybe !!!


I just raised my kids as I was raised and they are included in everything ! Thumbs up I can almost garuntee they will be even better hunters than myself. Thumbs up

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Elkkill, you and your family are living the hunting dream my friend! Really loved all of your pics from way back when to now. Simply some incredible hunting you and yours have done.

Here's a few from me and my dad. My dad hunted quite a bit back in seventies and we did some when I was a kid in the eighties. We both got back into it really serious about ten years ago and after a few relearning years we started having some success of our own. Really brought me and my dad back together and made us closer then we had ever been. Now he's truly my best friend and were always reloading, shooting, and getting ready for hunting again every year. I'm truly grateful for the experience with him and glad it wasn't lost.


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There is nothing better than that !


Thanks for for sharing the wonderful pics ! Some awesome critters in there. I can appreciate hunting with your dad and becoming closer. Many more great successes to your hunting crew !


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