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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

October 2005 Feature Article:

Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas

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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

Sounds like a good plan to me!! Same plan that savey folks have used for years!!

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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

some good info for huntingin general

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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

This is a good article. I cannot say how much working out prior to the season makes a difference. I genearlly will loose 20 pounds before hunting season and another 10 during the season.

I archery hunt for elk in the sawtooths of Idaho for two weeks in September. Generally from September 14 thru to the 30th. When we go there are about 5 of us, we will pack up my 20 foot cargo trailer with several wall tents, about 14 coolers of food and about 200 galloons of water. We spend days and nights in the mountain, not at camp, but on the hills. We will hunt all hours of the day listening, watching and stalking when necessary. Rarely do we run across another hunter. The hunting seasons in Idaho are awesome. I have 30 days to archery hunt any elk, I have 5 days to rifle hunt spike elk, and another 20 days to muzzleload hunt cow elk. This is all with one tag. Having 55 days to hunt elk is amazing. I encourage all of you to try to hunt hear in Idaho.

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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

how early should you start to scout be for the hunt mine starts oct 28 2weeks?

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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

Wayne, Welcome to BGH.
That's a tough question. I haven't hunted Nevada before but here in Colorado, our elk can be 50 miles away November 1st from where they were Oct 1st. Usually the snow and hunting pressure will move them towards their wintering grounds. Lets say that in Nevada, in your hunting area, they don't migrate out to wintering grounds, much of that will depend on the elevation you are hunting at. I'd scout as early as Aug/Sept.
On a side note, I was talking with a Colorado game warden last week about a certain area and he told me that a lot of these elk in this specific area will start moving out when hunters come scouting in September and they usually don't return until the following spring. This area I'm talking about is public and is surrounded by private and the public gets a ton of pressure but I'm sure Nevada doesn't get near the pressure Colorado gets on OTC public areas, so this may not be the case in NV.
Wayne, Stick around and share your knowledge with us here on BGH.

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Elk Hunting High-Pressure Areas (featured article)

Awesome tips and advice from that guy elk hunting seems like it would be amazing here in ontario we dont have elk but I sure would like to hunt them one day. Great tips,advice and techniques for me when I do go thanks mod for posting that one and thanks to the author amazing story.

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