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Elk Hunting in Colorado GMU 37

Looking to hunt the Eagle's Nest Wilderness Area SW of Green Mountain Reservior in GMU 37. We would like to camp at the edge of the Wildernes Area and hunt on horseback. Does anyone have any knowledge of the area? Elk herd population, secluded placec to access the Wilderness etc?

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Elk Hunting in Colorado GMU 37

I have not hunted 37, but just some general advise. Hopefully you are hunting this in one of the earlier seasons since it is pretty high up (vail pass is on the edge of 37). Being that portions of 37 are pretty high up, if the weather gets bad the elk are going to move down hill, so hunting way up high will probably be fruitless.

Be prepared for all kinds of weather, if it later in the season it is not unreasonable to get snowed on. All the more so if you are packing in and will be a day or two from a vehicle.

Perhaps you know all the this, but just passing along in case your new to the area. The DOW's harvest stats will give you an idea of the previous harvest (population estimate).

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