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Elk hunting in B.C.

I am from Ontario and I am moving to Pemberton B.C., I was wondering what would I have to do to get setup for an elk hunt there next year?
DO i need to change my outdoors card, License costs etc?

My setup is an accurate remington 760 .270 W/ a bushnell Banner 3x9 40mm shooting winchester failsafes for large game, trophy bonded bear claws for medium. I have a climbing stand but hoped I could stalk one. I have a partner who is coming to hunt with me he shoots a .308 rem model 740?

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Elk hunting in B.C.

I've been through this myself twice - and it's no picnic.

Your Outdoors Card is valid only in Ontario. I don't know if BC has their own version of an Outdoors card, but as far as I know all Canadian provinces now require you to pass their own hunters safety course before allowing you to hunt as a resident. Most will allow you to challenge the exam if you can prove that you have previous hunting experience. Although hunters safety is pretty much common sense, I strongly reccomend you acquire the manual for the BC hunters safety course and a copy of their hunting regs and study them.

Here's the link to the BC hunting regs. Good luck.


Without reopening the elk hunting with a .270 debate (a historically hot topic) your set up sounds fine, although if you were looking for a bona fide excuse to upgrade you now have it

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Elk hunting in B.C.

Challenge the CORE test (I think it's about $20-$25) or do the day course for about $90.
Once you pass that you get your hunter number card which allows you to buy a yearly license. Tags, of course, are extra.
They may honour your Ont card; I'm not too sure.

Enjoy Pemberton.

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Elk hunting in BC

I'm a new hunter looking to do my first Elk hunt this year. Looking at the Granby's (between Cherry Ville and Grand Forks) as my first stomping grounds and have a hunt lined up in Idaho in October.

I just finished challenging the CORE test (not a problem). Upon completing the CORE test, you can then apply for a BC Hunting No. (print off the form from the web and mail it in) and then it's tag time.

I just purchased a 300 wsm, stainless Vangaurd with a Bushnell Elite 4200 3.5 x 10 (great optics). It's a nail driver, great gun out of the box -- only adjustment was the trigger -- easy to adjust and fixed the stiff trigger. I'm looking forward to trying it in the field this fall. The new 300 wsm cartridges are great (165 grain) - less kick than a 300 with muzzle break and all the take down power needed.

Good hunting.

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Re: Having to pass examinations in other provinces

Unless things have changed recently, virtually all provinces (and states) have "agreements of reciprocity" wherein hunter ed courses from other jurisdictions are recognised.

The single exception to this, as i understand it, is Ontario.

Certainly, in Saskatchewan, we recognise all other courses.

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Yes you will have to take the education course. Get ahold of the wildlife branch and they will tell you were to take the course. wayne.

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