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Elk down low this year in Unit 20?

I set up my camera on my land in Unit 20 at 9K', just to plan for the start of deer season Sept 1st (priv land license). Anyway, I pulled the pics off after 5 days and found this!  Sure a nice elk, but down low for this time of year???



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That is a nice bull.  One

That is a nice bull.  One thing that I have learned in 40+ years of hunting them is that they are where you find them either high or low.  I know that the area that I am planning on bow hunting this year the bulls and majority of the cows are hanging around 8,000 ft where as the top of the hill is close to 10,000.  But then I have always found them anywere from the top of the hill to the bottom.  That's why you need to find them and watch them to see what they are doing if the elevations that you hunt them on changes very much.  There is nothing set in stone.

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Wow great bull.  9000 not too

Wow great bull.  9000 not too low...he nust be right at home there.  Go get him!!

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Thats a really nice bull hope

Thats a really nice bull hope to see  someting like that next weekend. Are you getting any pics of deer or lions? Just wondering I have been hiking on the south side of unit 20 saw some nice bulls but not many deer. Found some of lion sign as well.

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