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Elk Bullet Choice


I would enjoy some input on what bullet I should reload for my .300 Winchester Magnum. I will be using it for elk hunting where shots could range from 50 to 350 yards. The gun seems to be rather picky. I have tried Partitions, A-frames, and Barnes X`s but none of them will group under 2.5 inches. The rifle seems to love 200 grain Sierra Game Kings, 180 Grain Hornady SST`s and Interlocks, and 180 grain Ballistic Tips, and 180 grain Speer Hot Cores.

I guess I would like to shoot the 200-grain Sierras, but worry they are not tough enough to hammer through a quartering elk.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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Elk Bullet Choice

Dan, I would avoid the ballistic tip. The rest should work fine. Sierra's 200 grain and Speer's 180 grain HOT-COR are both loaded by Federal in 300 mag, and both are recommended loads for large heavy, game. Both Speer and Sierra make good bullets. The SST is supposed to hold together real well too. I think any of those three will work fine but I have doubts about the BT for elk.

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Elk Bullet Choice


I have used the Sierras, Noslers, and Hornadys on elk; 150 and 180 grain variety out of an 30-06. I've seen the noslers come apart in one or two elk. The jacket would seem to come apart with bits of lead (we called it shrapnel at the time). Kind of strange and occured about 10 years ago.

As for quartering shots and what the 200 Sierras will do. Quartering away is usually not much worse than a broadside shot. I personally try to stay away from quartering towards shots though. All that muscle, bone, and shoulder blade(s) gives me the heebee jeebees. So if your concerned, just don't take the shot, otherwise you should be fine. Good Luck!

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Elk Bullet Choice

I guess I would have to say whatever bullet you feel comfortable shooting that has plenty of knock down power. I also prefer the broadside shot compared to the quartering away shot but that is a decision that has to be made in a quick second.

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Elk Bullet Choice

barnes x very good choice for elk

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