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Elk and Mule Deer Poaching - Colorado and Oregon

I read an article yesterday on mule deer poaching in Oregon and the statistics (taken with 500 radio collared deer) were shocking.

Of this group of 500 deer - and if I read the article correctly - you would draw the conclusion that more deer were poached than were taken legally.

This disturbed me greatly so I did some Google searches on poaching in these two states.

I ran into more anti-hunting propaganda than you could shake a stick at!

There were numerous groups that were offering some serious reward money for certain well publicized animals that were poached - and for poaching in general.

Since it is obvious that hunters are responsible for the poaching (I can draw no other conclusion), this is an incredible cancer from within.

What I could not find - and I looked - were any gross roots pro-hunter groups that were seeking to use education and advertising to help prevent poaching.

Enforcement is sure not turning the tide - if some of the stats I read are accurate.

Who has suggestions on what we might do - collectively - to begin some type of group that attempts to stem poaching before it starts?

Maybe we start with something as simple as a website.... and start looking for some backing from some of the manufacturers of hunting hear... or maybe a "slot" here on BGH - a soapbox of sorts to preach from?

I hate to give the anti's anything... and we are handing them poaching on a silver platter...


BTW - I do not single out CO or OR - I am sure many other states have the same issue, including my home state of SC... we are loaded up with rednecks that will shoot anything that walks - any time of the day...

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It sure is a complicated

It sure is a complicated problem that does not have any easy answers. You are right, that poaching is not considered to be seperate from hunting in the minds of a whole lot of people in this country. So it does not look good for us or the fate of our great tradition when poaching is in the media all the time. I have heard many different sources state that for every animal that is legally harvested, another is poached so I do not have a hard time buying the statistics that you cite at all. Those claims are more than a little scary. Just imagine if there were twice as many animals running around. Poachers are thieves of our wildlife and we should not stand up for it. I just do not know how to go about fixing the problem. I think your idea of an education program is a noble one. I am not sure how to go about implementing it and but you just might be onto something.

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I've seen those types of

I've seen those types of stats bantered around for years and I don't doubt them at all.  It's too bad that they are called hunters most of the time when they are really nothing but thieves!  I wish I knew how to solve the problem, but all I can add is that at least if we witness anything remotely illegal we can notify the authorities and try to nab the SOBs!!!  Too many people in our society don't want to get involved and that only fosters the problem with the small number of officials on duty to do it all by themselves.

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Poaching is just plain wrong

There are three kinds of poachers.  One kind is the guy who wants a trophy buck and sees one the day before the seaosn opens or just behind the "posted" signs and can't seem to help himself.  Yes, he should be prosecuted.  We should all do the right thing and that includes playing by the rules. Besides, he will never be proud of that trophy, no matter what he thinks at the time.

The second kind of poacher is the guy who fills his freezer out of seasn, doesn't tag his deer (or elk etc) and keeps shooting them all season long.  This guy works 50 hours a week on minimum wage with 12 kids at home and uses every bit of meat.  He should also be prosecuted.  He's taking a gamble and has decided that the risk is worth the reward.  I totally understand why he is doing what he is doing but it is still wrong.  He is destroying the herd and giving hunters a bad name.

The third kind of hunter is the worst.  These guys (or gals) should be heavily fined, and locked away for a very long time.  These are folks that kill off a herd and leave the carcass just to get antlers to sell to asia.  The herd destruction is for profit and the waste is unforgiveable.  In my opinion they need to serve long long prison terms and lose every asset they hold.


But that's just my opinion....

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