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Electronic Gadgets,Garmin, etc.

Hello all! New to the forum but I just wished to share some information ...

I was never the "outdoorsy" type but I WAS the technical type. Well, a friend of mine owns a site (that I was side-by-side with him when he set it up) that carries all kinds of great gadgets and gear for fishers, hunters, etc. The gear, itself, got me into hunting - for the first time in all of my three+ decades on earth!

While some "old-schoolers" likely don't believe in using electronic gadgets and things of the like for their hunting, there are plenty of us who view the gear as a fun, personalized part of the hunt!

Rather than browsing random stores and asking clerks stupid questions, I just began reading over the product reviews (as I will also do here) did some price-matching (he beats the chains in that category - for every kind of gear) and starting ordering.

Once I knew the products, I knew what they were for. Then, I got out there and the rest is history. Now, I am a true Michigander - hunting and fishing for much of the year - and customizing my gear to fit what I think will work best.

If anyone would like the addy of the site, I can give it to you. If not ... happy hunting and I look forward to reading some TRUE hunting stories. LOL.