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Eastern Colorado Deer

Has anyone hunted out East in Colorado during the archery seasons? Muley's or white-tails. I was out pheasant hunting out there last weekend and came home and looked at the DOW website and became interested. I know access is limited but not too many tags are given out either. I was going to do either species so if anyone had any info that would be great.

Just another question, some units have archery white-tail only tags and separate muley tags. If you have a muley tag could you shoot a white-tail or a muley? I know you can only shoot a white-tail with a white-tail only tag.

Thanks for the info!


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Re: Eastern Colorado Deer

There's no such thing as muley only tag, at least in the 09 regs, maybe that'll change in 2010 with the whitetail only tags. As it stands now, it's either species or whitetail only. But unless you already have a place lined up, I wouldn't recommend hunting the eastern plains.