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Duck Hunting Lawyer

A big time lawyer from New York went duck huting in Kansas. He shot a duck while it was in the air. It happen to land in a feild next to were he was hunting. Across a fence.

A farmer was in the feild with his tractor and saw it land on his side. The lawyer climb the fence to go get the duck.

As he reach for it. The farmer said. Put that down. Thats my duck. The lawyer said no it's not. I shot it. it's mine. The farmer said it landed on my feild it's mine.

The lawyer told the farmer that he was the best lawyer in N.Y. and he would sue him for every thing he has.

The farmer said in Kansas we don't sue people to settle dispute. We do by the 1,2, 3 kick.

The lawyer said. The 1, 2, 3 kick. Whats that.

The farmer said we kick each other until one give up. And the one who give up first can have the duck.

The lawyer was a body builder also. As he size up the farmer as he got off his tractor. He agreed to the 1, 2, 3 kick.

The farmer said. I get to go first. cause the duck landed in my field. The lawyer said ok.

Well the farmer kick him in the growing and the lawyer bent over in pain. Then the farmer kick him in the nose. all most took it off. As the lawyer tryed to get up. The farmer went and kick him in the kidnees,

The lawyer went down hard. As he muster all his strength he had to get to his feet.


The farmer said. Nope I give up.

You can have the duck.

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Good one::laugh3

Good one::laugh3

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That was definately worth a

That was definately worth a laugh

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Duck Hunting Lawyer

That was funny and unexpected! I was just out in NYC a week ago, man it's nuts out there.  You look left people, you look right more people, just allot of people in a very small area. Dancing

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