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Dry year for Washington's Bear

I have recently returned home from a 7 day hunting trip to the Oakanogan National forrest in N. central Washington. With 7 hard days of hunting I only seen 2 piles of scat and very little sign other wise. The berry patches didn't get enough water this spring and then on top of it there hasn't been much of a snow pack the last couple of years to keep many of the small ponds and springs up and running. I plan to venture back in the second week of September to do some serious Grouse and Rabbit hunting. The trails,roads ans woods are over run with them. Blue and Ruff grouse both. Snow shoes and Cotton tails too. but I do plan to carry the big gun along too for that just in case moment of seeing a bear.

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Dry year for Washington's Bear

Same story on the wetside! Where I hunt there are usually 3 or 4 bears killed opening week. Not a single bear was killed. I did call one in and my son missed, but not a whole lot of sign and very dry.

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Dry year for Washington's Bear

I just got back from Grays Harbor and Wynoochee Valley from a Blacktail scouting trip. Same thing over there. Dry and hot. No Bear sign. Absolutely none.

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Dry year for Washington's Bear

I found a bunch of sign over in the entiat last weekend. The north and/ or east facing canyons were moist, and cool, even with the 102 degrees on the sunnyside of the hills. I was to stay in my tent two nights, but the wind shifted and blew hard, blowing in smoke from the Dirty Face fire. I found good berries and a bunch of dung. But I got spooked about the fire moving in the wind, and cutting off my escape path, so I decided I would return during grouse season and see if I can kick up a bear then. Not worth getting fried over...

Even in the capitol forest I have found sign, wet moist dung, just snoop around the cool canyons, where the berries are plump and not dried out...

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Dry year for Washington's Bear

Well i have been up in greenwater all weekend and had seen some sign but no bears. went up to evens creek because rainer timber was closed and had seen nothing up there. the berrys are small and there is not alot this year. ill brake out the call next time see how that works.

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Dry year for Washington's Bear

i've been hunding 418 and 437 GMU's with pretty good luck. I was within 60 yds on the 9th of a large blackbear, unfortunately he wouldn't present an ethical shot. Blackberries are just starting to really come on strong, and let me tell ya, bears in the area have some heavy tunnels and trails through the thick ground cover...

I'm failry new to bear hunting, thought I've been deer hunting (archery) for several years. I mostly spot and stalk, so I'm wondering what kind of calls and what kind of luck you all are having using calls. Obviously the game is adapting since baiting has been outlawed for a few years now.

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Hey I-90 is a good spot for Bears. I only went out once so far and did see some sign. Not much water but in the next couple of weeks that may change. Evil!

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Dry year for Washington's Bear

I haven’t seen any signs of bear but I can tell you this is not the year for berries. They were small and not too sweet in the Norse Peak Wilderness, William O Douglas Wilderness, and even on a berry farm on the coast at Long Beach, WA.

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