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Drawn for Lanai Axis Deer
Just wanted to say hello to the forum members. I am an avid hunter originally from Idaho and being in the military has brought me to the Hawaiian Islands. I have been here over a year now and have had a blast thus far. I have managed to to do a little hunting with a little sucess. I had my wife and oldest son complete hunters safety a few months ago. I put the three of us in for the Axis Deer permit on Lanai this year and we managed to get drawn for April 14th & 15th. This will be my wife's and son's first big game hunt so I would like to get them an opportunity. I have done some homework with looking on Google Earth. I have looked at about every Youtube video there is. I have read just about every topic started on this forum on locations/habits that might help us. This is what I have read: They prefer the open terrain to wooded areas and they move throughout the day but movement picks up later in day. What is the best way to hunt them? Do you find them more in the draws or on ridges? Is hiking in off the roads the best way to find them or stopping and glassing from the road? I have hunted Antelope in Wyoming and it seemed like they would hide in the first draw out of view of the main road. When you jump them, how far do they usually run? Antelope will run 1-3 ridge lines over and then stop to pick up their normal routine. I have not been to Lanai before so it is my plan to fly over 3 days early to get in some glassing time and try to pattern them. From what I have read and saw; last year was a really tough year for hunting due to the drought. Does it seem to be better this year? Does anyone have any area's in mind that I might have a little luck? Any help would be much appreciated. Scott
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Welcome to BGH! We've had a

Welcome to BGH! We've had a couple hunters on the BGH forums that have hunted in Hawaii, but not too many.

Come back and tell us about your hunts!

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Lanai axis hunting

Welcome to the forum Ranger,

I vacationed on Lanai last February and saw a few axis does and several mouflan sheep.  That got me excited about hunting there, but unfortunately it won't be this year.

The axis that we saw were in the THICK stuff on the North side of the island, near the ocean.  We just "happened" to see them.  I would imagine glassing the openings in early morning and late afternoon could be productive.

I did contact Patrick Fischer of Hawaii Safaris about booking a hunt, and even got a Hunter Safety Certificate to meet the Hawaii license requirements, even though I've hunted almost 50 years without needing one.

I've seen a few of shows on the outdoor channels of axis hunts on Molokai and Lanai.  One show was "Wild and Raw" where they were hunting the thick brush on Molokai.  The other show, "Game Chasers" showed them hunting Lanai with Pat Fischer.  They showed axis deer both in the hills, and in the grassy plains.  They shot their deer in the high grassy fields south of Lanai City.

I believe all of Lanai is privately owned, and I don't know how much of the island is open to hunting without a guide.

Good luck on your hunt, and be sure to post your results.

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Welcome to the site! 

Welcome to the site!  Congrats on your draw, should be fun!  Be sure to throw up some photos and a story, we'd like to see them!

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Welcome to the best forum on the internet and I look forward to reading about your hunt in Hawaii.
I am considering it for a future hunt.

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