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Drawn for D3,D4,D5, Now what? :)

A group of us were drawn for these three regions but have zero idea where to go. Where is the best place for public lands, good fishing and a decent opportunity for success? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you also have any info about private lands we could hunt, that would be great as well.

Does anyone have any info regard Hell Hole Reservoir? I heard it's crystal clear, quite a few bears and the fishing can be good. Any good hike in deer hunting around?

Thanks in Advance,


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Drawn for D3,D4,D5, Now what? :)

Hi Tom,

Hell Hole is so so on the fishing. Especially that time of the year. It gets ravaged by boaters and jetskiers all summer until it turns into a big mud puddle. If you're into bass, you may get some decent action but nothing to really write home about.

Public hunting lands are sparce... Spenceville had some really nice deer and wild pig back 10-12 years ago, but now the heards have been driven out by overhunting and mismanagement of water resources. Not to say hunting is impossible, just very tuff. (I've hunted the area off and on over the last few years for wild pig and have only taken one.)

A better bet is ultimately going to be further up the hill near Bowman Lake. Fishing is generally good any time of the year and you have a pretty good chance of getting into some mules.

Also, keep in mind that you have almost all of Placer, El Dorado, Amador, and Calaveras counties open to you. I've never hunted that far South, but a few friends of mine did really well just above/around Amador Lake last year (or the year before, can't remember off hand). As a bonus, the fishing is always pretty good there. And, easy access to boot.

Regaurdless of where you decide to go, you made a good choice of areas. Good luck out there!

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Drawn for D3,D4,D5, Now what? :)

I used to live in Auburn, CA and from what I remember, D3D4D5, is not a DRAW. So be prepared to see about a million hunters. We took some nice bucks out of the Jackson Meadows area, but you have to GET AWAY from the roads because of all the hunters.

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