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Downloaded 30-06

I'm about to introduce my grandson to deer hunting. He has become pretty proficient with a.22 at the range. I would like to start his centerfire experience with 30-06 loads that approximate 30-30 velocities and gradually increase the load as he matures. Does anyone have any experience in this area? Thanks.

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Downloaded 30-06

I'm not sure about .30-.30 velocities, but if you go with the starting loads listed in most manuals, you'll get performance probably somewhere around a .300 Savage(give or take a little, as each manual is slightly different), which is a bit above .30-.30 performance, but still has smooth and low recoil. Don't reduce the listed starting loads, as this can produce hangfires or squib loads, because of the amount of air in the case. Most manuals should have a fairly tame starting load that will still make a lasting impression on deer. Probably be better also to stick with 150 grain bullets, reduces recoil and more reliable expansion at those lower velocities.

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Reduced Loads

The Speer No 13 reloading manual lists reduced loads for the 30-06 for most of the 30-06 bullet weights. What size bullet do you have in mind? If you don't have a Speer manual, I'll be happy to give you their recommended reduced loads.

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