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Dove Fields

Many of us multi-task everyday while at work, home, or in the car, but we aren’t the only ones who can multi-task our food plots can too. Yes, green field for deer can also transfer into fields for spring turkey hunting too, but they can do more.
A properly managed field can be used for deer, turkey, dove, and many other animals to hunt. If you want to turn your deer plot to be a dove plot also, the plots are limited to the annual plots planted for fall and winter hunting.
First select a field you want transformed. To turn that deer field into a dove field there are a few considerations to take into mind. A good dove field will need some large trees around it for roosting and inspecting the field for danger. You’ll also need water nearby for the doves to drink from. Don’t forget that doves like a lot of other birds need a little sand or pebbles to help digest their food so if a dirt or gravel road is nearby that will also be an asset. Some good plants to plant are sunflowers, grain sorghum, corn, or other grasses with a seed head. Sunflowers seem to work the best for a lot of dove hunters. Two weeks before dove hunting you might want to bushhog the field since doves are ground feeders.

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Dove Fields

hmm, i see. i never knew that. well we are going to put out corn and grow it into stalks and then run it over and have corn spread out over the field, we also have tall, dead grass that looks alot like wheat that dove and quail love.

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