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Double Rifle Costs

Are there any double rifles out there can be purchased without taking out another mortgage? I certainly aspire to someday having a Holland & Holland or a Rigby, but My God, the cost is out of my reach right now. While you get what you pay for, I'd rather find out I hate a double on a $1,000 gun than a $40,000 one.

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Double Rifle Costs

The only affordable double rifles I am aware of are from European American Armory (EAA) which imports a model IZH 94 double rifle from Russia (Baikal). The suggested retail prices is about $629 but retail much lower. Their website is http://www.eaacorp.com/

You can find them at the gallery of guns website to order and ship to a local dealer:


I have the IZH 94 combo gun in 12 gauge over .30-06. It is solid (cost me less than $500).

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Double Rifle Costs

Look at Valmet of Finland. They build an over-under that has interchangable barrels....shotgun/combi/double rifle

The work starts when you pull the trigger.

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Double Rifle Costs

If you plan on hunting dangerous game, forget about that $1000 dollar double. You will need to spend at least $8000 dollars for a common double that you can depend on hunting dangerous game in the field.

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Yes, it CAN be done!

Sabatti doubles are about the most affordable option. Cabelas made a 45-70 double rifle that they called the Kodiak for awhile but be careful if you are buying one because they also made double rifled muzzle loaders of the same name, There are other options. A decent Cape gun (also known as a combination gun) will cost you about fifteen hundred dollars. These have a rifled barrel and a smooth bore barrel. Mine is in 9.3x54R and 2 ½ inch twelve gauge. Both are uncommon chamberings in the United States sincve most 12 gauge ammunition here is at least 2 ¾ inches in length, but since I load my own I am all set for both barrels. And am looking forward to the early deer season this fall when both white tail and partridge will be in season.

There are even cheaper options – most starting with a side by side shotgun. The bottom end of which is just to buy a side by side shotgun and load one side with bird shot and the other with slugs. Or both with slugs if you prefer. Foster style slugs have a rifling like twist on the slug itself and gives a rifle like spin to the shotgun slug when it is fired from your smooth bore barrel. But you don’t need to settle for that. There are a couple of sources for shotgun chamber inserts. I have a pair made by Ace Dube of Anchorage Alaska to slip into my 12 gauge chambers thata llow me to fire 45-70 cartridges from my break open12 gauge shotguns. Incidentally – I never use them so they are for sale. Ace makes them in both ten inch and sixteen inch lengths . This allows you to rifle the smooth shotgun barrel by inserting the rifled barrel inside. It is a temporary condition that is easily reversed. The downside is that the extractors or ejectors don’t work. You need to use a rod to remove the fired case after every shot (this is why I never use mine). You can however send your shotgun to a decent gunsmith with a request that he sleeve the bore – that is – make it a rifle by inserting a rifled barrel inside the shotgun barrel permanently. When done right, the new chamber is centered where the shotgun shell used to be centered and both the firing pins and extractors will work. I have handled these guns and find them heavy – over 14 pounds in the version I handled. I don’t know what it would cost but it is an option.

The last option is the one that I prefer. It involves a lot of patience and vigilance (or luck). Scour the online boards for bargains and pick up a double rifle that needs work for far less than it is really worth. I bought my 500 express side by side for just fifteen hundred dollars and found an excellent gunsmith who restocked it for me and did everything else that needed to be done for a few hundred dollars and for less than two thousand dollars I have a working man’s double rifle that I look forward to whacking white tail with this fall.

If you are patient and lucky you just might be able to find a similar bargain and get yourself shooting a side by side rifle someday too. If you do, tell us all about it.

Good luck and good shooting!Thumbs up

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There's a couple out there

A while ago I started looking seriously at buying a decent double rifle, either a S/S or O/U and I also narrowed it down to 45-70 or 9.3x74 for my needs. I'd just about decided 9.3 was the way to go (already own a bolt in 9.3x62). But, I decided to spend the $$ on a hunt instead (maybe the rifle mightta been a better idea)

I'm in agreement with Mike, that the Sabattis are really decent rifles at good prices, about 3K for a nice S/S with 24" barrels. They make that model in both 9.3x74 and 45-70 and include scope rings with it, along with the final target shot after regulating. They also tell you just what load they regulated each rifle with. With the 9.3s it was a common 285gr load and with most all 45-70s it was the 325gr LE Hornady round.

I'd also found a couple of O/Us for a bit more (under 4K) that were made by Verney-Carron, a maker of high quality doubles. I happen to own a Valmet 412 combination rifle/SG that I would likely have sold, had I gotten a double. The Valmet is a fine rifle (and SG), but I simply preferred the more upscale look of the others. If you are wanting the really high octane calibers, the prices of both rifles and ammo will run higher. The 9.3x74 has been doing serious work in Africa for a lot of years, and for me either it or the 45-70 would have worked for my North American hunting purposes. 

Here's a couple of links showing both the Verney-Carron and Sabatti doubles:




High Octane version:




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I've looked at some doubles

I've looked at some doubles on the net and a few in person and would love to have one to enjoy. but I doubt I will ever have one if I have to pay those kind of prices. I know that they are worth it but at this point in my life the money will be far more enjoyed being used to go on another hunt somewhere.

Maybe in years to come that will change if I get super lucky with the lotto or something.Big smile

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check Cabelas

The latest Cabela's 'shooting' catalog arrived in yesterday's mail.  There-in is the the add for Sabattis within the first few pages.  They are starting at $2,999 for teh low end models chambered in either 9.3x74 and 45-70.  These are the most affordable new production side by side rifles on the market. 

They have other double rifle chamberings for more money too - on up through the forty caliber range and up to five hundred nitro express for something like $5,999.

Don't forget to check the used gun racks too!  You never know what you might find!