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For Don Fischer/ My bullet drop

Hey Don. I shoot a NEF single shot chambered in 30-06. Im zeroed at 200yds. What kind of results should I expect shooting a bit further using Winchester ballistic tips or remington core lokt.

Although I wouldnt stretch a shot pass 200yds I just want to know. I mainly shoot core lokt and im deadly accurate.

I would like to stretch out my shooting range just for practice.

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For Don Fischer/ My bullet drop

There's more information I would need, like what weight bullet? Anyway I did some guessing and you said your a deer hunter I believe so I used data for the165 gr Nosler balistic tip and I cut the velocity to 2700 fps. Go out and shoot using this data and you'll have an idea of how close it is. Nosler list's it at 2800+fps. I don't know what factory will give you.

With a 200 yd zero:

50 yds +.9"
75 +1.6"
100 + 2.1"
125 +2.1"
150 +1.7"
175 +1"
200 +/- 0
225 -1.4"
250 -3.3"
275 -5.6"
300 -8.4"

Now if you changed to shooting at a 6" dia target it would be a bit different and to your advantage as the cartridge has ability you havent reached. Or you could use 7" dia target as fuzzy bear does. I use 6" so I'll give you that. Difference between 6" and 7" isn't that great shooting at the range your talking about.

MPBR 265 yds
MPB zero 226

50 yds +1.2"
75 +2.1"
100 +2.7"
125 +2.9"
150 +2.8"
175 +2.2"
200 +1.3"
225 +.1"
250 -1.6"
275 - 3.7"
300 -6.4"

Looking at the two, you can see that at the ranges you shoot there is not a lot of difference. The biggest diference is the farthest range you can hold center target and hit it without falling below or rising above it anywhere along the bullet path. One thing you can do with the ranges your shooting and shooting at deer is to drop down to a 150 gr bullet. You'll increase velocity for a somewhat flatter trajectory and still have plenty of bullet for deer. You won't gain any balistic advantage of a longer heavier bullet at the ranges your talking and the size of game your hunting.

Let me know if you need something else.


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For Don Fischer/ My bullet drop

Alphaman- Look at this sight. It's only remington ballistics, but it will give you a rough idea on most cals for factory loads... http://www.remington.com/products/ammunition/ballistics/comparative_ball...

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