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Doe Strategies I need help

i have been hunting the pennsylvania deer hunting season for rifle and it ended recently i need some strategies for the late bowhunting season for taking does i have 2 doe tags because i was not succesful in harvesting one during the rifle season the only deer i harvested was a buck. So tell me some special startegies you guys use for does?

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Doe Strategies I need help

I just walk thru the woods and try to dodge the Does. Whenever I get tired and can no longer get out of their way I'll shoot one. lol
They are everywhere, really.

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Doe Strategies I need help

I assuming from your post that this is post-rifle season. The deer are probably holding tight to cover and feeding moving only at night in response to the pressure from rifle hunters. I'd look for the thickest nastiest stuff I can find and skirt the edges looking for trails leading to/from and set up right on the downwind edge of these sanctuaries. Throughout the day the deer will move around within them, and you may get a shot. It will probably be a long sit.

The other possibility is that with the onset of winter the deer have herded up moved into their wintering areas. This could cause previously hot areas to suddenly dry up as deer from all over move to the deer yard to spend the winter. Check low sheltered valleys with plenty of browse, thick (usually confierous) shelter and cover. If there's a cedar swamp in your area, that's the first place I'd look. If this is the case it will be immediately obvious as there should be sign everywhere.

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Doe Strategies I need help

I agree with Saskie's advice.

For late season hunts, the deer have been spooked over and over and typically head for dense cover. Cold weather and snow drive them to lower elevations, so look for dense cover in different (lower) areas than you have previously checked.

Happy Hunting.

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Doe Strategies I need help

What wmu are you hunting in? Public or private land? Do you have access to a flintlock or crossbow?

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