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Do you use scope covers?

My hunting buddy bought some Butler Creek flip up scope covers to keep his lenses dust / rain / scratch free.

It seems like a great idea to me, but I was thinking... When you're in the field, stalking through the thick stuff, and you jump a buck, every second counts... I usually have my rifle "unslung" with my thumb near the safety when I'm in likely territory.

Has anyone had problems with flip up scope covers while taking a "rapid" shot?


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Do you use scope covers?

I has butler creek flip ups and I like them but they have their limits such as speed shots and holding moisture when you come in from the cold and have your gun setting in a warm house and forget to open the flaps. They also tend to be in the way of a hunting hat(baseball type) brim when you shoot and for looking over if you are zeroing in on a running deer so I mounted mine sideways to cure this. They are good when you are going through a thick area for protection but I usually have them flips open if I am hunting because quick shots are the norm up here. I think they would be excellent for hunting in a blind where you have time to play with them.

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Do you use scope covers?

I often use view through scope covers, if not I stick a small tissue in the ends of the scope, helps to have a wipe handy covers or not. I did see one bull missed due to the need of a fast shot in a close incounter. The hunter shouldered the rifle with covers on and missed his chance of a shot. Seen alot of flip up's in use but I don't think I want them.


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