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Do you support antler point restrictions? (December Poll)

December 2004 Poll:

Do you support antler point restrictions?

To vote in this poll, please visit our home page. The poll is on the right hand side.

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Do you support antler point restrictions? (December Poll)

Yes and no. Around here we have a 3-pt min. for bucks (Whitman County, WA). Both mule deer and whitetailed deer inhabit the terrain we hunt. We have seen some GIGANTIC mule deer with only 2 points each side (often no eyeguards)... some of which outshined fellow 4x4 bucks. In contrast, a 3x3 whitetail rack might almost go unnoticed. I'd like to see 3 pt. or 18 in. min., or something like that. I know the 18 in. would be difficult to measure at 100 yards, but it would allow for the occaisonal big 2 point. Here's what happens - a big mule deer steps into the open - the hunter assumes by rack size that it's a 3 x or 4 x , whacks it, and then comes up and realizes ... oops. And at that point it won't ever grow up to be legal. While there is no excuse for not counting points to be sure, I think some decent bucks get whacked and then wasted. (We find their carcasses from time to time.) The 3 pt rule has, however, greatly helped the overall herd. I guess what I would like to see is area-by-area and species-by-species thought go into the process.

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Antler restrictions

Serious Hunter, I agree with you that some non-legal deer are killed in areas with antler restrictions, but as you mentioned, these are illegal killings and the responsibility is on the shooter. The intent of antler restrictions varies from region to region and by species. You should note in Washington that each District and each GMU is considerd seperately. There are many GMU's with "any buck" whitetail regulations. Also, look into special permits for "any buck" mule deer opportunity.

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Do you support antler point restrictions? (December Poll)

I support antler restrictions. In some areas it is one of the few options managers have to get people to leave the little bucks for next year and harvest more does this year.

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Do you support antler point restrictions? (December Poll)

I too generally support point restrictions. Utah has come up with a good plan for elk although I would like to see some changes in some regions. Some areas are deemed spike only units. But that's only for the over-the-counter tags. This allows anyone to go out and at least chase a spike which is better than nothing. Overall success rates are fairly low so impact is minimal. But before the spike hunters go out those units also are "limited entry" units and those hunters get first crack at it. Those hunters get to chase the big boys during the rut but odds on drawing one of those tags is extremely low. With that plan everyone gets to hunt the "spike only" areas but impact to the herd is low and the trophy quality animals are there.

But there are other over-the-counter regions in Utah that are deemed "any bull" areas. There are no limited entry hunts in these areas but finding anything but a spike in these units is next to winning the lottery. I would like to see a 4 point or better rule implimented in these areas. That way a guy with an over-the-counter tag would have a decent chance at a branched antlered bull with an over-the-counter tag.

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