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Do tracks tell the truth???

I was recently out on a little shed hunting excursion with a buddy from school who I often discuss some pretty serious hunting stuff with......and we came upon the thoughts weather you can really tell the differance in a buck or doe by the tracks......I do belive that the size of a deer track is negociable......but when I get out in the woods with somebody and they look at a deer track on the ground and see where the dew claws have sunk in to the dirt,mud,snow,or sand and try and tell me that a buck has made that track because it has dew claws..........I my self call a large case of bull shit!!!! Think

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Do tracks tell the truth???

If you really know what you are looking at I belive that you can get it right a high percentage of the time, but not every time.

It is funny to watch people look at tracks and quickly make a judgement. "wow, look at this big track, it is long and wide, must be a huge buck".

But with a little looking you will see pointed hooves, slip marks and double steps.

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