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Do Scent Killer products work?

I have been using scent killer product for sometimes and it seems to work during times and in other cases it seems to be a waste of money.

What do you guys and girls think?  Do scent killer products work? And if so what brand? ::help1



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Well, I think they do to an

Well, I think they do to an extent.  I do not believe though that any scent killer product can truly get rid of all human scent.  A little cover scent, and using the wind to your advantage, and I think you are fine.  Heck, I have even used diluted apple cider on occasion when hunting in an apple orchard, or if I forgot that, I would take an apple andcut it open, then rub it on my hat, shoulders, pants, etc.  Seemed to work for me.  Heck, no deer that is downwind of you in 20 mph winds is gonna stick around too long, scent killer or not.

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I always shower with scent

I always shower with scent killer body wash, use scent killer and a cover scent and then hunt downwind of the deer.  Does the scent killer work?  Dunno for sure, but the entire program seems to do the job.

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