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DIY mule deer/antelope hunt?

Hey guys,
Me and a friend are looking to do a DIY, public land mule deer/antelope hunt soon. Would it be possible to put one together for 2011? From what i've read, wyoming seems to be our best bet for this type of thing. Am i wrong? any other suggestions? Also, we don't have any preference points so what areas are our best bet at getting both tags? we're not looking for Boone & Crocket bucks, but pretty nice trophies. Any help you can give would be much appreciated

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btw we'll be rifle hunting if

btw we'll be rifle hunting if that makes any difference

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central Wyoming or Eastern Montana

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Yes, definately Wyoming.  I

Yes, definately Wyoming.  I am not sure if the seasons overlap, but there are tons of people who make the trek from througout the west, to go and hunt antelopes in Wyoming.  Lots of public ground, lots of animals.  I am not going to do a combo hunt, but I am looking at a lope hunt out there next fall also.  The deadline for the drawing for lope and mule deer tags is usually the end of March, beginning of April, if I am not mistaken.  So, you still have plenty of time to arrange a hunt.

Good luck.

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The season is such that you

The season is such that you can do an antelope and mule deer hunt in Wyoming.  Put in for a party tag so you and your friend are assured of hunting (or not hunting) together.  You might have to hunt antelope and mule deer in different areas to ensure getting a tag for both of them.  The key is to look at drawing odds AND public land availability. 

It doesn't do any good to put in for a tag in an area with a high draw probabilty if you can't hunt it because of lack of public land.

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I agree with exbio... central

I agree with exbio... central wyoming would be a great spot to look into for a combo mule deer and antelope hunt. I have hunted a couple different places in central wyoming for pronghorn and pretty much everywhere I have I have also seen mule deer. You need to hop on their website and look up drawing odds for both species so that you can find a unit that you can get both tags in. And like CVC said, you might be looking at hunting adjacent units although if you can get tags in the same unit that would be better. The other thing that I would suggest is to contact Wyomings Fish and Game department and talk to the biologist for the areas that you have in mind. The know the ins and outs of their areas and will be able to give you some really good information. Good luck in your search for a place to hunt them. Keep us posted on the search.

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Good luck TitansBen... I will

Good luck TitansBen...

I will follow this post with great interest if you keep it updated.

I would be very interested to know what you find as it relates to tag draw and public land availability, as well as how your plans are going.

Keep us in the loop!

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Wy for sure. You might want

Wy for sure. You might want to pay a tresspass fee to insure some better quality animals and less hunters. There is a web site that I can't remember that you can find post for tresspass hunts. A 14" antelope shouldn't be hard at all. Might consider North East WY. More private land and good quality. I think the usual for antelope is $500 tresspass fee. But you can find lots on public land. Now you will have a hard time judging a 14" from a 15" specially your first time. So I would shoot one that looks good to you. Lots of mulies in same area and some real brusiers if you put your time in and walk a lot. Good luck

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